The host, Gregory Lincoln Kinney "Linc", includes many fellow sportsmen, gamesmen, and other folks with big interests that assists him in showing the viewer the ropes, the hazards, and the techniques, from beginning level to advanced.

Each episode might feature a sport, game, hobby or other action adventure subject matter. Linc will often include others, many of them experts in specific sports or activities. They might share tips... or demonstrate... or talk with locals while checking out a town... or tour through a region... or goof around... or just do whatever for the fun or interest of it.

This grabbag aspect of each episode might also include any combination of the following: observation, commentary, dialogue, history, geography, and information.

For example, one episode might cover rock climbing basics and be shot in Joshua Tree, where Linc and his friend or friends will not only climb, but also walk around the trails and the town discussing or interacting with anything they come across. There are no set rules.

Also for example, a series of YouTube segments might show Linc demonstrating how he enjoys freedom in the hills: hiking, rock climbing, running, exploring, mountain biking... to name a few.

At times the tone might be serious, for example, being a skilled outdoorsman requires the right attitude and perspective... at times the tone might be technical, demanding the viewers' attention to details... and, at times the tone might be comical, because there's nothing like a good sense of humor. Basically, the idea is to be captivating, informative, and entertaining all in one fell swoop.

This website contains other links to the left which the reader, sportsman, or adventurer might enjoy.
To provide motivation to have an active and adventurous mindset... and to "Go for it!"
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Linc with fellow sportsman
Marcelo Echeverria on summit
of San Gorgonio, California
Gregory L. Kinney
(on screenwriting)
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Tahquitz: Linc visually inspects the next pitch on the 900-foot climbing route "Fool's Rush." He and his climbing partner, Jeff Miller, ascend the 5.7 variation on the last pitch. After the climb, Jeff stands at the top... one more time (below right).
Linc using a rope for another purpose. How they come in handy for all sorts of stuff.
Disclaimer: Please be advised that outdoor sports are dangerous and can lead to injury or death. All activities, sports, or adventures that the reader or viewer undertakes are at his or her own risk. Always use caution and think, "safety first."
is action and adventure sports... indeed, action sports, adventure sports, action adventure sports! Extreme sports! Xtreme sports! Also: games, hobbies, contests, competitions, races, fun activities and events! Also: adventure travel, trips, excursions, hikes, tours, camping.
All of this--tips, information, and entertainment via the following YouTube partner channel:
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Your host, Linc, will link you on to all sorts of sports, trips, and outtings. His hike with daughter up and down the Grand Canyon was extraordinary. Be sure to click on his YouTube channel:
Below are sample photos of Linc in his element:
exploring abandoned mines with Mike Zeber (on right, both)...
LINC ENJOYS: both roller and ice hockey (on left)...
horsing around...
family trips. Linc, 2 daughters, wife, 3 boys + new boy!
Enjoying Yosemite on the way back from a trip to Idaho. Linc's brother, Steve, and climbing partner, Jeff, have both climbed Half Dome (!) seen in distant background.
Jeff Miller
Winter aid rock climbing. A route at Suicide Rock, Idyllwild.
Mike Styrpejko (lower right) belays Linc (above) after they take about 30 minutes to scoop away the deep snow at the base.
Linc won Daniel Hechter's (Paris International Men's Suits) "Search for the Adventurous Man" contest. Lower right: an ad (not Linc) for the company. Though, Linc indeed enjoys jumping and fast downhill skiing.
With son, Sam, on gold panning trip, Hwy 49, California
Washington D.C.
His nickname isn't just "Linc," THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER coined him "California Kinney." Check out his videos as they continue to come out where he demonstrates his wild west ways: training and riding a horse, roping, shooting, archery, bull whipping, stunts, scenes (acting), and much more.
He also gives tips as to what NOT to do, such as trying to get a rattlesnake with either of the above methods.
surf trips, mostly California and Baja California, Mexico...
FOUR SHOWS on YouTube--all on one channel: ActionAdventures:



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Baja California: Surf n ride
in Idyllwild, California
Cabras, BC
Near Rosarito,
BC, Mex