The following is the current list of guests and friends.
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  JEFF MILLER - Rock climber, Mountain Biker, Trail Runner, Off-road Driver
      He's technically sound, mild mannered, bold, and a real motivator.
  MIKE STYRPEJKO - Rock climber
    Infectious likeability.
 MIKE ZEBER - Abandoned mine and ghost town explorer.
   Takes this avocation to the sporting level.
 ENRIQUE WIEBACH - Yachtsman and explorer
      Knows his ropes, rigging, sails... and then some.
Linc will be on the lookout for people with a passion for their outdoor adventure sport.

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MITCH MCCOMB - Photographer extraordinaire and gamesman
    It's attitude. Live and play like you mean it... because you do.
MIKE KINNEY - Motocross champ, pilot, skier, surfer
  Great brother, witty, and really good at his sports.
MARGE KINNEY - En plein air impressionistic artist
   Takes her painting to the great outdoors with an adventurous flare.
YUTAKA SUGANUMA - Sports fisherman, scuba diver, skier
       His big fish stories are for real. Click here.
  Taking adventure to the lakes, rivers, hills, and... golf courses.
TRIBE GRANITE - Rock climbers
      A group of friends that rates every climb