Greg "Linc" married Rosemarie Chmelik (now Kinney) who has six brothers. They are all adventurers. TONY (above 3 photos): 1. At a campground in Maryland, Tony and Linc go swimming and kayaking. HereTony (in superior shape especially for having 11 children!) stands on the dock. 2. Dives in. 3. Linc in kayak, while Tony swims. The beauty of this system, is that you can safely swim a 1/2 mile or so, then trade off.
ABOVE 4 PHOTOS: JOE CHMELIK (a name for the ages). This guy is tough
with a capital T. Remember Daniel Boone? Remember Paul Bunyan?
Remember John Wayne? 1. Joe drives a BIG truck, not a lifted pickup. 2. He
loves his wife, Julie, four daughters, nieces and nephews and, here, doesn't hesitate to play rough in one of his local Idaho rivers. 3. He's literally a horse whisperer and trainer. 4. His regular get-up and ready to ride.
One of the
BILL CHMELIK (photos coming) has been a volunteer firefighter... doesn't that strike a good chord like no other?



The leader of the pack
A terrific
golf player
Probably just back from another horrendous plumbing job, when Eddie arrives, the party begins! He's a super BBQer, has a great golf swing, and is a fantastic athletic coach.
Tom and Jill have wild safari stories out of Africa.
Jim hits golf balls on the fairways and in his living room.
Jim enjoys swimming in a couple of his Idaho rivers. Here with some of his kids, nieces, and nephews.