When Linc loses a ski on a double diamond chute. Shark gets him out of the precarious spot despite Linc's request to get the ski patrol equipped with ropes and rescue gear.
Shark with trail map, San Gorgonio.
We did get lost and we barely survived
the next day''s ordeal. The adventure
of a lifetime. Read story to right.
San Gorgonio Summit
Linc, Shark, Bob
While two "pros" with crampons,
icepicks, and hiking poles (luxuries
we didn't think of) turned back the previous day, we forged ahead about 3 more miles to the top. Maybe we should have listened to their stout advice to avoid the trail along the sheer 300' wall of ice... that they "chickened out" on and that Shark--a magnet for danger--led us into (above right) on the way back down. Bob insisted I stop taking pictures because the situation became worse--the focus became not to die.
Left: We realized late in the game turning back was not an option since it was uphill and the "stepping stones" had gotten too far apart. Going down you could leap and sort of slide to the next one; going up--no way. Good thing Linc brought 50' nylon (thin) rope as an 11th essential--the last hope. Shark here negotiates the nearly rock-hard, icy slope that drops off sharply out of frame. A direction we had to turn toward with the "thread." Top right: It started out easy with lots of stepping stones, Shark leading the assault. The hard, steep part, with eventually no stones is past
the ridge about four-hundred
yards ahead.
Shark and I (Linc) have been the best of buddies since the 8th grade. We've done it all from playing in a drumset trio in the 9th-grade talent
show, to walking through a mile long train tunnel (8th grade) when the train came through midway, to weekend ski trips to Mammoth or
Snow Summit, to week-long backpacking trips in the High Sierras, to a 2-week backpacking trip in Glacier National Park, to spending an
evening in the Ensenada jail after Shark pushed me through a cheap store window, to outrageous and often treacherous Baja surfing trips
including one to Islas de Todos Santos, to hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney, Mt. San Jacinto, and Mt. San Gorgonio, to off-roading and
hiking Death Valley way back in the gold minin' hills, etc. He's a mechanical engineer, has a wonderful wife, daughter, and son, and he's
the most unique conversationalist, observer "Obsos is king," biting humorist, and true dude and gentleman wrapped in one. Has a great boggle named "Ollie." A boggle is half beagle, half boxer.
Linc takes photo of Shark
(his second time) on the summit of
Mt. Whitney
Shark downhill skateboardin'. One
of our favorite activities.
Shark always keeps
us on surf alert, no
matter where it is.
Written by GLK