Gregory Lincoln Kinney or "Linc"
Linc enjoys every action and adventure activity
he can get his hands on. While camping recently
at a park in Maryland, rather than sit around in
the rain, among other things, he throws the hatchet
at a target, goes for a long swim and kayak in the lake, plays volleyball, and takes photographs of the kids fishing.
From upper left: Linc, daughter, daughter, wife,
son, son, son, 4th son born late 08. Hanging out in Yosemite.
GLK thoroughly enjoys art/painting, photography and videography, and nature. Above: The Ortega hills (during a hike)
The good life is about God, family, friends, others, self... and a bunch of other great stuff in between. glk
Hockey player (offense, bottom right)
Here with his favorite repeat-champions
team--The Rats.
Seen here bungee jumping,
Linc particularly likes to:
rock climb, trail run,
mountain bike, surf,
ski, skateboard, hike,
backpack, shoot arrows,
horseback ride, and play
games that require skill such as chess, Stratego, darts, horseshoes, and pool. He also plays drums and writes screenplays.
Echeverria takes
photo of Linc
on the summit
of Mt. Whitney.
--Extensive studies/experience in
acting, radio, TV, and film.
--A partner in ROCKS AND SADDLES CO.
Click here for his bio on screenwriting.
600' up rock wall of Tahquitz
add 1000' visual down to parking lot and tall pines
Downhill skateboarding
San Clemente
Surfing Islas de Todos
Santos, Mexico
Fly to top of Catalina with daughter, then hike down, swim in Pacific, camp, hike up, boat back.
Left to right: Rocks and Saddles Company business partner, "Chief"; father-in-law, Joe Chmelik;
G. L. Kinney
Click here to see
Linc on YouTube...
indeed, a Link on Linc
ANGEL'S FRIGHT, rated 5.6
BA degree, Writing Sems, Johns Hopkins
University, Baltimore, MD
Winner of nationwide "Search for the Hechter Adventurous Man" contest.
The following are more links on linc:
Wrote, published, and distributed nationwide and worldwide a
three volume series, World Action and Adventure.
Linc leading a climb Owens River Gorge, California
A long day of adventuring and rock climbing into the night somewhere between Lone Pine and Mt. Whitney, California
Coming in from a long ride.
Riding in
Baja, Mex.