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The aim is to write highly entertaining, original, and unpredictable stories of the uncommon variety that promote good moral values, uplift the human spirit, and inspire one to reflect on the significance of one's life and its role in serving others.


A man experiences all of the joys, hardships, and rowdiness of a gold mining town and ultimately has to face a ruthless band of claim-jumpers.

The following list of scripts: With each one, a producer, a production company, a director, or a combination of them has expressed that they would like to be involved if another entity funded
the project.

ARISTOTLE A wise old man of the sea inadvertently helps a dysfunctional family.
DIRTY DOGS, THE College girls play rugby--in the men's league.
HECTIC HONEYMOON A newlywed couple finds treasure... and trouble in the Bahamas.
IT'S A WONDERFUL MALL Several bad guys pursue two high school seniors who have found a huge bundle of misplaced cash at the mall.
MEX TO THE MAX A little girl's life hangs in the balance, regarding a severe heart condition, while her dad and his employee struggle to smuggle treasure out of Mexico.
PASSION AND BLUES A college freshman relentlessly tries in the most unusual ways to win back the affection of the "perfect" girl that he initially turned down.
POGO AND WHEEL As a fundraiser for a mental institution, two buddies attempt San Diego to San Francisco--one on a pogo stick, the other on a unicycle.
SIERRA GOLD Three miners and an evil biker gang hunt for the hidden gold bars from the biggest bank heist in Nevada history.
SUMMIT X Two buddies risk all in a high-stakes winter adventure race that consists of mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.
NOTES regarding above scripts: 1. Written as PG or PG-13. 2. A one-page synopsis of any of them can be sent upon request.

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---Studied screenwriting methods taught at both UCLA and USC.
---Full-tuition academic scholarship recipient, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing Seminars (writingseminars.jhu.edu)
---Wrote and directed plays supervised by Pulitzer-prize playwright, Edward Albee.
---Wrote and published three-volume series, World Action & Adventure, sold and distributed nationally and internationally. Web search "World Action & Adventure" or Amazon.com/books