Mitchell B. McComb
Gamesman and
Professional Photographer
The man is timeless.

Photo below: At "Linc's
Place" playing darts.
Let the good times roll.
Right: The back patio of
his weekend abode in Baja California. Many a
backgammon game has
been played on that
historic table. Rahh.
His sea wall over the edge,
comprised of mortared rock,
is great for rockclimbing/traversing.
McComb plays Shark (Echeverria) at darts where,
here, they both hit the red dot in the middle--oh
yeah, two bull's-eyes. Favorite activities of his:
doin' fun stuff with the family, all aspects of
photography, playing pool, chompin' on a nearly
rare thick chunk of steak, smokin' a fine ceegar, brewin' his own beer (his hops are tops), and basically... livin' like you mean it. Ka-cha.
Always enjoying the adventure of life.
Above: Constructing his back yard
BBQ zone. A happy family man, he is
married and has a son and daughter.

Mitch happens to be well-acquainted with the
unique adventure family, The Wiebachs, and can tell ya of the wildest tale of when he joined them for a "sail" in the Gulf of California. "Can you believe it?"
Two photos right shot by McComb: Got Linc into
modeling in the mid 80's, which eventually, partly
thanx to MBM, led him into winning a nationwide
adventurous man contest. Oh, and by the way, don't forget the lime and salt. Cha.
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