Jeff Miller
R o c k c l i m b e r
mountain biker
trail runner, off-roader
        Jeff and I (Linc) often meet at
Big Rock in Perris. He has helped
me greatly in acheiving new heights
with confidence, though, I'm still
working on it. Here I catch him in
his pre-climb habit... focus and
pray. Top left: A moderate route
but picturesque moment.
We've done most of the routes,
which he almost always leads. The
hottest day we climbed there--105 degrees, the coldest 17.
Temperature and weather is always
a factor in every outing..
The 10 cascading photos: 1. Tahquitz or "Lily Rock" in Idyllwild. This is where much
of the sport of rock-
climbing was developed, and, the very 900-foot rock that I, Linc, always
wanted to climb, but
wasn't sure if the opportunity would ever
present itself--
enter Jeff Miller.
After training
at Big Rock
a few times,
he thought I
was ready.
2. Parking lot.


has climbed (as follower) the northwest face of
Half Dome and has led other, shorter, but still horendously high and difficult routes in Yosemite.
Has a wife and a colleged-aged daughter.
 A general contractor who
8. Jeff takes a snapshot of me as I follow up. Do you see the tall pine trees below? 9. Top of the route and glad to be safe. 10. The back-side friction decent (without rope or protection) took scariness in my mind to a new level. On our 2nd outing we got a third the way up a route before I insisted we turn back due to the late hour. I couldn't bare the thought of doing that friction decent... in the dark! (Hint: Any darker you couldn't read this... got it?)
JEFF MILLER AND SAL GARCIA (CENTER) LEAD TEENS UNITED FOR THE FAITH (TUFF) Here, they gather for ice cream after a day hike.
 6. Up on the 1st ledge about 200-feet up, you look down and it feels like you're 700-feet up, because
the parking lot is 500-feet lower than the base of the
3. hike up 500' gain to... 4. base of rock. Note Jeff's textbook smile and well-organized rack for a 600-foot shoulder route (rated 5.6) Angel's Fright.
5. Jeff--already way up there at the start of the route--who will continue leading. While he's done a number of more difficult routes there, he wanted to go a little easy on me, since I wasn't used to climbing over 300'.Since this outing we've been back twice. The third time we climbed a near 900' 5.6 route with
a 5.7 variation at the top.
 rock. For a first timer up,
 and not a Yosemite
 climber, this was initially
 terrifying to me especially
knowing I had 400 more
feet to go. Jeff kept me
calm and
I got over it, mostly.
  1. I thought the 1st
ledge was bad, the
2nd was nerve racking
to the max.
Chief, Phil L., Jeff, Sal, Harry P., Linc
Jeff Linc
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