Belaying at
Big Rock, Perris
Styrpejko on 5.10c "Let it Bleed," Big Rock (Linc followed with 2 slips, knuckles bleeding.)
Styrpejko and Linc aid climbing 5.12 Joshua Tree
Owens river gorge, 5.12
aid climbing. Styrpejko
jugging up below, Linc right
Mike Styrpejko has been my pal
since high school. And we have
done more adventuring and
messing around than any
two can imagine. Wherever
we've gone, we have always
included at least one or two
of the following:
hiking, exploring, cross-
country running, off-roading, archery,
hacky sacking, pool, darts, but especially,
bouldering and rock climbing. That was
always first and foremost our common interest.
   Since I've always been into documenting with
photography most of my trips, I have over
a couple hundred shots of Styrpejko outings:
Death Valley, Mojave, Rubidoux, Wagon
Wheel bouldering, Nevada and Arizona rocks
and canyons, all over San Diego County,
Orange County, the desert counties, and
most of Southern California, including
unusual fringes of each county.

Mike likes
For part of the hike it
was thigh-high in snow
Our winter hike and aid rock climb, 5.11, Suicide Rocks (cluster of 6 photos)
Up the chimney

Linc leads
Linc and Styrpejko near Lone Pine
Styrpejko..Linc..Don Bell
We always find the local saloon.
Mike's mantra:
Pay it forward...
and while you're
at it, have a
good time.
Mike is one of the most
focused guys you'll ever meet.
Favorite band:
Favorite album:
U2 Joshua Tree
"Serendipity trip": What we came
up with when we head out and
do everything we can on a random basis.