Enrique Wiebach
Yachtsman, Explorer, and
Gamesman: a.k.a. "Hank"
On this page, these are just a sample of the outings that I (Linc) have had with Hank. 1. Many a time on his 46-foot ketch. He, his two brothers, Michael, Carlos, and his father "Captain" have sailed it from San Diego to the Gulf of California and then some.
2. Arizona ghost town. 3. Playing hacky sack in Joshua Tree.
Above 3: Hank w/peace sign at one of our paintball outings. Hank near mine. Hank darts.
I (Linc) have been on so
many trips with Enrique, I
don't even know where to
begin. I grabbed these
small handfull of pictures
out of many, many over the
years I've know him since
the 12th grade.
   He's my favorite friend in
a number of ways--he's smart,
witty, and does it all. He's
an engineer with a keen
mind for details. He's
bilingual (very handy on
mex trips) and is very
competitive at games.You've
gotta meet him!
On a long Nevada trip through backcountry and endless dirt roads, we were amazed to see the Colorado river.
Shark, a captain for hire, Hank,
Bob and Linc (taking photo) on our
trip to Islas de Todos Santos, Mex.
Above 3 photos: 1. Linc, Hank, Shark on Hank's acreage in Baja California. 2. The classic four: Shark,
Linc, Hank, Bob on one of many surf trips down to Baja. 3. In Hank's trailer that he kept near Rosarito.