Explorer of abandoned
mines and ghost towns
Above 3 photos: 1. Mike with topographical
map, a must for every trip. 2. Middle of road,
with "Turk's Turbon rock" in background. 3. Cop checks us out and "should've" given us a ticket or something.
Above: If that's not the look of adventure, I don't know what is.
Above 6 shots: 1 and 2. Passing by an abandoned mine (with Glynn Chapin), note how Mike is serious one second,
a hooligan the next. 3. Linc off-roads with 2-wheel drive pickup and gets stuck (happened many times on many
trips: Mike Z. and Mike S. 4. Zeber and Linc in front of saloon. 5. Linc and Zeber with a bounty of relics from
exploring an abandoned mine in Nevada. 6. Linc and Zeber minin' the hillside in pursuit of gold nuggets--no luck.
Above: Linc and
Zeber on one of the
earliest "Minin' with
Mike" trips. Right:
We went as deep as
possible into every
mine, taking every
tunnel, chute,
ladder, and cavity.
Above: Mike with
rifle. (Linc always
brings his revolver).
Left: Z and L in
 Mojave Desert.
Bottom left: This is perhaps Linc's all-time favorite adventure
shot. Linc and Zeber are entering into a mine in Death Valley,
high up in the mountains. This is their second trip into the same
mine because it's so vast. They find lots of artifacts... and then some.
3 photos: 1. I meet Zeber
(w/our sons and others) in ghost town for a trip up Cal's highway 49--a road full of
old minin' towns. 2. Zeber, Linc's best pal, in camp.
3. Zeber in a ghost town.
Sorry, ladies, Mike is already happily married with lots of kids.