Sports can essentially be put into four categories:
    Individual: such as running, surfing, skiing, rockclimbing, horseback riding
                (these most strongly tend to be "action and adventure sports.")
    Dual: such as boxing, fencing, billiards, darts, tennis, foosball, handball (dual sports can also be played as team sports when it's two on two.)
    Team: such as hockey, soccer, football, rugby, water polo, relay racing
    Mind: chess, checkers, backgammon, poker (keep in mind, the less luck and the more strategy involved, the more it's considered and respected as a sport. On second thought, how 'bout "Luck Sports?")
To sum it up: If it's competitive or if it challenges your physical capabilities, then chances are, it's a sport. Check out this link for a pretty complete list of sports:
Sports can also be categorized as such:

Ice and snow sports: such as skiing, snowmobiling, skating, mountaineering, (all usually individual); ice hockey, bobsledding (both team)

Water sports: such as fishing, swimming, surfing (all usually individual); sailing, rowing (can be individual or team); water polo (team)

Motor sports: such as motocross, off-road vehicle driving, auto racing, jet-skiing, etc.

Other sports: such as archery and all other target sports, spelunking, bicycling, mountain biking, cards, board games, table games, judo, kung fu, wrestling, paintball, and all other combat sports, etc.

------Again, check out the blue link above, no pun intended, says Linc.-------------
Excited yet? I sure am. There's a world of sports out there for you! Go for it!
Pick one, pick two, or dabble in this, that, and the other, maybe focusing on one
or a few of them or several in different categories. Expand your mind and physical
capabilities and start living it up to the max. Sometimes just focusing on one sport
is the ticket and will, ultimately, make you stand out. Regardless, it's your life.
Do whatever sport or sports that drives your passion and have fun doing it.
So, finally, here goes, what's an "action and adventure sport"?
    I coined this because it's the sort of sport that I have always gravitated towards. So,
there's no textbook definition, but... you know it when you're doing it. Perhaps, it can just be called an "adventure sport." That's fair and that's fine. But calling it "action and adventure" gives it that added ingredient of moxie. Again, you know it...when you're doing it.
    And you can't just call it an "action sport" because all sports require action, mental or physical. Certainly, some sports such as skateboarding and bull riding have a lot more action than say, chess. But I digress. Ideally, if the sport you happen to be engaged in feels like you're part of an adventure, and, if it's got good action, well then, there you have it.
     For example, when I go on a weekend trip with a pal, we might off-road to a crater, hike up it,
then go find a place to climb boulders (a sport called bouldering), then go into town and play a game of pool, and later, by the pickup truck (parked in the middle of the desert) play a game of hacky sack. There's five action and adventure sports right there! Got the picture yet?
    The sports initially slated for YouTube videos and the TV and DVD series, "Linc on ACTION AND ADVENTURE SPORTS" will primarily be "Individual Sports" that can, and often, involve more than one person, such as rockclimbing, trail running, surfing, skiing, hiking, mountaineering, deep-sea fishing, exploring abandoned mines, etc. See "Guest Roster on Home Page."

Check it all out and please subscribe to my YouTube channel "actionadventures." Thanks for the interest, and... go have a great day!

Styrpejko takes shot of Linc on their winter hike and climb at Suicide Rock in Idyllwild, CA
Written by Gregory L. Kinney