The Random Diet
    I (Linc) came up with this diet a couple of years ago (2006). After the first six weeks of it,
I shared the formula with Shark (see Marcelo Echeverria on GUEST ROSTER). Together, they
did it for months on end, Shark giving his own ideas and suggestions as we went along.

The funny thing is, anyone can do it, it's fun, it works, and... it's free!

This was the original system that I came up with:
Results of the die roll:
  1. Fish only (in terms of meat)
  2. Water only - no other liquids
3. Low-fat - NO butter, oil (except olive), chips, cheese, mayonaise, dressing, etc.
4. No sugar - unless the ingredient is the 4th ingredient or beyond.
  1. Two of the above
  2. All of the above

After doing the diet for weeks with Shark, and listening to his input, I tweaked the list to look
like this:
Roll an eight-sided die. If you don't have one, randomly flip to a page in a novel, 176 is 6.
1. Only fish and fowl (chicken, turkey, etc.) in terms of meat
  1. Water only
  2. Low-fat
  3. No sugar
5. Low bad carbs - NO white bread/rice, potatos, pasta, etc. Google "Bad Carbs"
6. One-hour min. exercise
  1. Two of the above
8 All of the above!


    The two above systems are challenging and will likely work wonders for you. It will help
you to develop good habits, even when not required by the die roll! For example, you just
might start exercising an hour everyday regardless. Wouldn't that be something.
    When it comes down to it, there are so many ways to construct your own custom,
random diet, if you feel so propelled to do so. It can be determined daily, weekly, or in
two-week segments. It can be more severe or more mild than what's charted above. It can
include your own ideas, especially, if you don't want to be a slave to a bad habit; for example,
a die roll could mean NO SMOKING for a week. Could you handle it for a week?

More examples of die roll results that you can fit into your custom list (these for the highly determined or athletic). Remember, a die-roll result means that you do it every day:

1. Run at least five miles. 2. Swim for at least a half-hour. 3. Eat extremely small portions (then fast on Friday) 4. Hike or run the local hills. 5. Speed walk for an hour
6. Only eat healthy soups and salads. 7. Go to the gym for an hour and a half.